Monday, October 31, 2011

Are Titanium Saddles Worth the Cost?

Q & A with guitarist Chris Juergensen about KTS

Q: Are Titanium Saddles Worth the Cost? 

A: I would definitely answer yes to this question. Let me tell you a little about my guitar playing. You see, I generally would wear out steel saddles in about two months. What would happen after a few months is that I would have managed to dig a nice groove into the steel saddles and this groove would nip away at my strings when I would bend them or use vibrato. The result is that I would start breaking strings right at the saddle after about 90 minutes of serious playing. I would always get nervous in my second set because I knew that my E string was probably on the verge of annihilation.

I originally tried graphite saddles that were designed to prevent exactly that but I didn't like the tone. I eventually found the KTS saddles sitting on the rack at a little guitar shop in Tokyo. Now they didn't claim to prevent breakage or last a long time but I had heard that titanium was used in airplanes because it was a resilient material with a good balance of weight, elasticity and strength, so I gave them a shot regardless of the hundred dollar something price tag. I wanted to keep my highs and not break strings, not an unreasonable request.

I first tried the PR-11s on my 1960 Strat. What I wasn't expecting was the clear tone and sustain. It is sort of hard to describe but let's say I could hear more of what the guitar really sounded like. I found I could roll off gain from the amp and still get the same sustain. I realized that I had been making up for the lack of the steel saddle's tone by adding treble and gain to my amp settings. By being able to reduce both, I could now get a way more natural sound without losing sustain or highs and could get way more dynamics out of the instrument by simply controlling my picking.

On top of that, no more string breaking and I found that the saddles last me years rather than months so I imagine it's probably cheaper in the long run.  

Devilstone guitar with KTS PR-11 saddles played through a Marshall 100 watt amp run through an Xotic BB plus. All cables by Bullet Cable:

Saturday, October 29, 2011

KTS and Kris Wolinski

Polish guitarist Kris Wolinski plays Autumn Leaves on his  D'Aspiranta arch-top with KTS saddles installed on an ABR-1 Gibson bridge.

Monday, October 24, 2011

David Hinds

Fun and informative video featuring David Hinds of Bounty Hunters

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2012 Catalog

KTS' 2012 catalog is now available for download. Check out our wide selection of titanium saddles and other quality parts.

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